School Assembly Presentations Are Divided into Three Parts:
The Introduction:
A brief show and tell description of a marionette,
concentrating on definition, construction and manipulation.
The Show:
Marionettes magnificently strutting their stuff, i.e.: Roller skating,
tightrope walking, dancing, etc. and all expertly choreographed
and maneuvered to spirited and thoughtful music and songs.
Q & A:
{Time Permitting} A questions and answer period during which the students and teachers can investigate, more completely, the art of the marionette.
Performance Fee:
The cost of one performance is $400.00 + travel.
The cost of two performances (one location) is $600.00 + travel.
The cost of one hour of mini-performances is $500.00 + travel.
Presentations for Libraries, Recreation Depts., & Theatres:
A show for these sponsors is comprised of the introduction and the show, as stated above. The formal Q & A is eliminated. In place of the Q & A, with time permitting, the audience is invited to the front of the stage to get a closer glimpse and have personal contact (a handshake,or a hug and for the leery, a wave or a blown kiss) with the last marionette.
Presentations for Festivals, Fairs, Old Home Days, & Trade Shows:
We have found, that because of the transient nature of the event goers and the abundance of activities, short presentations that grab and hold the audience for a short period of time serve in the best interest of all. Therefore, it is suggested that sponsors of these events opt to have abbreviated versions of the show repeating several times during the course of the day. The total presentation time would amount to about one hour. The mini-shows have proved to be very successful at such events.
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